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Why choose Conway Commercial to sell your business?

You have made the decision to sell your business or your commercial property and now you are ready to market your business for sale.

A business broker can help you to find a buyer and facilitate the sale.

Choosing the wrong broker may mean that your business or property sits on the market far longer than necessary or that you end up settling for a price that is less than what your business is worth.

Some points to consider when choosing a business broker:

Specialised Experience

Your broker should have a proven track record over a long period of time in selling a large number of businesses or properties that are similar to yours. Look for a broker with sales experience in your local market, your industry and your price range.

Conway Commercial have a track record that is second to none, we have literally sold thousands of businesses. We have over forty years experience throughout Melbourne and Regional Victoria. We specialise in the sale of hospitality industry businesses, including hotels, motels, bars, licensed liquor outlets, cafes, restaurants and retail.

Honesty and Reliability

Is your business really ready to be presented to the market?

Are your sale price expectations realistic?

Do you have an effective exit strategy?

Unfortunately there are some business brokers that might be inclined to tell you what they think you want to hear in order to list your business. An overly inflated price can be one of the the biggest barriers to completing a sale. At Conway Commercial we will always be open and up front with any advice we provide. Our aim is to sell your business quickly and at the best price achievable.

Business Sales Strategy and Advice

How will a broker market your business? How much budget should you allocate towards the sale? How are similar businesses to yours being sold? What can be done to make sure your business is being considered by qualified potential buyers?

Call Conway Commercial to discuss the most effective method of managing the sale of your business or commercial property. We can recommend a number of proven marketing strategies to sell your business. We can demonstrate the success of these methods though the sheer volume of businesses that we have sold throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

Contact Conway Commercial to sell your business.

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