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Business Services, Sales and Acquisitions

Conway Commercial have over forty years experience as hospitality business brokers in Melbourne, regional Victoria and the border regions.

We specialise in:

  • Hotel sales in Melbourne

  • Country hotel sales in Victoria and border regions

  • The sale of bars, restaurants and cafes

  • The sale of licensed liquor outlets

  • The sale of motels and other hospitality businesses

  • Commercial freehold investment property sales

In addition to business sales and acquisitions we are able to provide a range of commercial business services. For more information in regard to any of the commercial services we offer please don't hesitate to contact us.

Melbourne business broking services

Market Rental Reviews

Are you maximising your rental returns?

Are you paying more rent per month than is fair and reasonable?

Conway Commercial are experts in the area of market rental reviews. Contact us for an accurate assessment as to the rental value of your commercial property as determined by the current market's expectations.

Commercial Lease Negotiations

Regardless as to whether you are the lessee or lessor of a commercial business lease you must ensure that the terms of the lease agreement are fair, reasonable and will cover you in most circumstances into the foreseeable future.

Some terms of a lease agreement that should be considered are:

  • Monthly rental cost and terms of lease
  • Scheduled rental increases
  • Fitout costs, operating costs and Common Area Maintenance costs
  • Tenant building improvements and alterations
  • Cost of repairs, replacements and improvements
  • Reassignment and sub-letting
  • Permitted usage of the premises
  • Public liability and insurance

Conway Commercial have over forty years experience in business lease negotiations. We know the market and what to look for in the fine print of a lease agreement. Take the stress out of these complex negotiations and ensure that you are getting the most favourable terms by enlisting the help of Conway Commercial in your lease negotiations.

Commercial Lease Negotiations

Commercial Property Investment Advice

Adding a commercial property to your investment portfolio can offer a number of advantages over more traditional residential property investments. While perhaps not having the same capital growth potential as a residential property, commercial freehold investments can provide a significantly higher and more stable income.

A commercial lease agreement allows you, as the owner, to specify a wide range of conditions and longer term tenancies.

Commercial property leases usually require that the tenant is responsible for outgoing costs, such as repairs and maintenance costs, recurring charges (rates, insurance, body corporate fees) and all utility charges. As a result most of the rental payments go straight to your bottom line.

Commercial property investments are certainly not without risk. Long term vacancies, exposure to economic fluctuations and expensive renovation and fit-out costs are all potential traps for the unwary investor.

Conway Commercial can provide you with expert advice and cost/benefit analysis to help you realise the best possible return on your investment while minimising your exposure to many of the risks associated with commercial property investments.

Commercial Property Investment Advice

Commercial Property Marketing Strategies

Developing an effective commercial real estate or business sales plan is more important now than ever. The key to an effective campaign is for your property or business to be noticed by as many potential buyers as possible. Clearly identifying your market and reaching qualified, potential buyers is vital.

Ideally, you will want to plan the sale of your business or commercial property well in advance of it being put on the market.

What steps should you take that ensure that your business is ready to sell?

How much should you budget for an effective campaign?

Do you need help to prepare financial statements or other documentation?

What can be done to the property to make it more attractive to buyers?

How are your competitors marketing their properties and how can you stand out from the crowd?

At Conway Commercial we can help you prepare a cost effective, targeted marketing strategy to sell your business or commercial property for the best possible price.